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Ways To Fix Your House Pests Infestation: The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve been noticing some unusual activity in your home, you may be dealing with a house pest infestation. While this may sound like an over-the-top horror movie, no one likes the idea of living in a bug-infested house. To get to the bottom of your problem and to find a solution on the ways to fix your house pests infestation, take a look at our list of ways on how to fix your house pest infestation.

Check for signs of pest infestation

Pests infestation can lead to housing disrepair claims if already reported to landlords and not taken cared of. No one likes finding dead or damaged insects other than their bodies. It’s a good idea to inspect your entire home, check up on any signs of pests, and check the house for missing items, like food or anything that could have been eaten.

Also, look at anything that has been chewed on and inspect them to see if they’re still intact. If you see something like this, there’s a possibility that you’ve got pests in your home.

Inspect the attic of your home

If you’ve spotted mouse droppings on the walls, floorboards, and near doorways, it’s worth checking the attic space. This is because mice will sometimes leave their trail of droppings on this area of your house to indicate that they have been around the house. For instance, if you’ve noticed mouse droppings in one room of your house and you can’t see them anywhere else, they could have left their droppings here to suggest that they had been there.

Check the walls

You should also check the walls of your house to see whether there are any signs of rodent activity or signs of gnawing. You can do this by using a flashlight and looking at areas where gnawing has taken place or where rodents have been seen.

Check the storage of your house

This is another good area to check for signs of any pest activity. If you’ve spotted a lot of chewed wood, examine this area for signs of rodent droppings. You can also look under the insulation in the attic space to see if there are any signs that rodents have been living there.

Make sure your home is free from vermin

You should also make sure that your home is free from any possible vermin pest infestation such as mice, rats and other animals. You can do this by checking where they’re most likely to live and putting bait in these areas to do it properly. The best way to check for signs of vermin is by plugging up any possible holes that they may have used.

Check your house for signs of leaks

If you’ve noticed mold growing throughout your house, there could be signs of water leakage. Signs of leakages can be found in places like:

  • The roof
  • The walls and the ceiling
  • Tiles and grout in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Walls and floorboards underneath the carpet


Identifying certain signs on how to fix your house pest infestation should give you a clearer idea of whether or not you have a serious problem on your hands. If you find that there are dead insects, there could be pests in your home. And remember, if infestation is indeed present at home, better take action as early as possible and do some research from websites how to better control the situation.