Mechanical Contractors and Their Responsibilities

Mechanical Contractors are the ones who are responsible for all the mechanical related work in construction. They are actually hired to take care of all the equipment which is used in mechanical construction sites. These contractors have a great responsibility as they have to be very careful, no mistake can be made or else it will cause many problems and delay the project. A mechanical contractors have the following responsibility;

1. They have to ensure that all the machines are in good condition and safe to use.

This is the most important responsibility of all, as any mistake can lead to disaster. The contractor must make sure that all the machines are in good condition before starting the project and also keep a check on it throughout the project. If any machine malfunctions or breaks down, they must take immediate action to fix it.

2. They have to ensure that all the workers are trained in using the machines.

The contractor must make sure that all the workers are properly trained in using the machines before starting the project. They must also provide regular training to the workers during the project. If any worker is found not following the safety instructions, they must be immediately fired.

3. They have to maintain all the equipment.

The contractors must make sure that they maintain the equipment properly so that they can last long. They have to clean and oil it once in a month or as instructed by the company. Also, they have to change broken parts if any. If there is any machine which needs major repair work, then it should be repaired by them.

4. They have to supervise the workers.

The contractor has to make sure that all the workers are working correctly and not wasting time or doing any other work which is not required at that time. They should be alert enough so that they can immediately stop any worker who tries to do something wrong, like stealing equipment etc.

5. They have to take care of material used in construction.

They have to make sure that all the required material is present on time and it is of good quality. If anything is lacking or not up to standard, they must replace it with a new one as soon as possible. This saves a lot of wastage and also a delay in the project.

6. They have to make a daily report on materials used and manpower availability.

They must submit a daily report which shows the workers count available on that day, material used, equipment repaired etc. This is very important as it helps management to take more efficient decisions regarding production and also to place orders accordingly.

These are the some of the responsibilities of a mechanical contractor. They have to be very careful in their work as any mistake can lead to disaster. They should also follow all the safety instructions to avoid any injury. This article purely talks about mechanical contractor and how getting a good contractor can save a lot of time and money for the company.